Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great weather makes for an excellent outdoor wedding!

So you take a gamble every time you decide to have an outdoor affair in Florida. With the daily, unpredictable, thunderstorms you never know what to expect. However, for last night's marriage of Adam & Jennifer Scott, the sky was clear and gorgeous and so was the bride! Congrats to you too, I was happy to be a part of your intimate and romantic ceremony. This is just a teaser image, I couldn't resist.

Want Cindi to cover your special event? She only books one wedding a month to ensure that it gets the upmost attention it deserves. Call or email me to have a quote drawn up and no charge.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pottery by Potter's House

Nice work Greg Smith. Your pottery is stunning and inspirational. I really enjoyed working with you and Stephanie to capture the essence of your art. The pottery is hand made and fired in a kiln. The glazes are amazing. And yes, I bought a bunch for Christmas gifts. They'll be hot out of the oven just in time for gift giving! If you are interested in contacting Greg call or email me and I'll pass on his information.

This shot is at 9 am with a diffuser clipped to my step ladder. I loved the morning sun light and the color it made the grass. The dew on the grass glistened in the sun in some of the shots. It was a nice morning to be out and working.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Great Ocala Scavenger Hunt

WE DID IT! Our family of four made a Friday night event out of this Ocala Star Banner Challenge!
Mission...find 20 downtown locations, photograph them and use the riddle clues and small photos. Mission accomplished. We ROCK! Check out the On the Go section from today's Star Banner paper to see how to have some fun yourselves.

So we found out that we were the fourth group to complete the scavenger hunt!!
Hot diggity dog! I knew we were a good team, but it feels hood to hear someone else say so!
Go Williams family!

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Challenge for you

Girls are heading back to school next week, that means no more five year old answering my business line! She's a swell secretary but doesn't take great messages. So now that the house will be empty for six straight hours....what's a girl to do!? No problem my to do list is a mile long, we all have one, BUT seriously! I want to do a coffee table book this year on a topic. Now I did put this out there on facebook and got some interesting feedback.

So I reach out once again in to the fish bowl of life and ask you all...

WHAT subject do you think I could find enough of to shoot and make in to an interesting book. The goal is to have fun, search a bit and then make an interesting read. The goal isn't to sell tons of books even though I'd be happy to take your money. It's to vent all this creativity pent up inside me...

Click the email link to send me your idea.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Facebook! Everybody's doing it? right?!

So I finally broke down and made a facebook page. Everyone's doing it and I'm a sucker for peer pressure. So check it out... and become a fan!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Handmade Jewelry by Cindi

What a wonderful way to wear art. Four different styles to express yourself!
1 mini
2 square
3 chunky monkey
4 bottle cap
ALL can be modified to be worn as a necklace pendant, keychain, ring, or magnet.

Friday, August 7, 2009

$50,000 to Kiss a Horse

Top fundraiser for Kiss the Horse...Brenda McDuffie, The Sanctuary!

Over $50,000 raised for Marion County Literacy Council. The real winners are the adults in Marion County that will benefit from the services of MCLC.

In Marion County there is a staggering 19% illiteracy rate. Do you part and volunteer or donate to this great cause.

See more photos from this event!