Wednesday, April 27, 2011

52 Project- Week 34 Hanging out!

Week thirty-four - hanging out

My little friend Vito came to the bus stop today in a bathing suit! Yes, you read this correctly, he was donning a one piece speedo!  And his master was cradling him in this sling of sorts. Had to share!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top Tips for Senior Portrait Sessions!

I love shooting Seniors and they can be better prepared for the portrait session by reading this very helpful article with the top tips. After reading call Cindi to book your Senior Session!

Top tips for Senior portraits!
The article from

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Print labs are different

Another photographer did a great job showing the difference in prints from labs.  Thought I should share just to shed some light on the subject.

The first image is from the pro (not sure what lab she uses, but it's a good one for sure) The rest are your everyday print labs down the street. This isn't to say you have to buy all of your prints from Cindi with an eye's lab directly (sometimes the cost just exceeds the desire) however when you purchase the "Digital Collection" of images don't expect to have the same color and paper quality as your original images.

Interesting huh?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who wants to PARTY?

Everyone loves a good party! I love shooting parties, attending parties, however planning one can sometimes be no fun. I'd like to help by offering SEVEN solutions, tidbits of advice, and some of my BFF's contact info to help you make your next party a successful one.

1. Going in solo? Well this all depends on what kind of party you are planning and how BIG the gig is gonna get! I recommend for over 80 guests, you consult an event planner. (they are truly a gift) They have vision, organization, and can keep you on a budget.
My BFF Event Planner... Russell Monollos
Studio 352 Events website

2. You have to have a reason to party and an audience to entertain. So pick a theme, make a guests list and then have a designer layout the invitations. The better you communicate to your guests the easier the entire event will flow.
My BFF Graphic Designer... Kip Williams
Kip Williams' website

3. Food. yes they get hungry! Whether or not your event straddles an eating hour you still need to provide something for guests to munch on. If it's a full catered meal, a cake, or a candy bar, it's still a great way to break the ice and fill the tummies.
My BFF Caterer... Rondo Fernandez
Mojo Grill's website

4. Music and announcements can entertain and inform your guests of the party's activities. A good and talented DJ will keep the flow of the party going and even increase the mood of the guests. This is very important for the party to maintain it's purpose. Plus who doesn't love to shake their rump a bit?!
My BFF DJ... Stephen Wexler
Euro Entertainment's website

5. Decor and feeling. You can do alot with an empty room, it can also make people feel uncomfortable and bored if not decorated properly. Balloons, linens, place settings, party favors, etc. There are so many choices and options.
My BFF Balloonist... Ali
Air Filled Events' website

6. Depending on the attendants to your party you might want other activities for them. For children I recommend a bounce house with or without water, face painting, magician, or yard games. For adults maybe live entertainment- dancers, comedian, or mystery theatre. Dressing up in costumes is fun too.
My BFF Bounce House company... David Castronovo
Center Stage Event's website
My BFF facepainter.... Samantha Perez
Art by Sam's facebook page

7. With all of this fun to be had by all you don't want to miss a moment or feel like you can't enjoy the party because you are an overwhelmed host/ hostess. Hire a professional photographer to capture images of the event so you can remember the moment for years to come. You could also bring on a videographer if the agenda calls for it.
Cindi with an eye Photography's website
My BFF Videographer...SeanCarlo Lopez
SeanCarlo's email

Cindi with an eye offers Party coverage under our event session rate. $170 hour includes: Image capture, editing and hosting a private online gallery for two months, digital collection of images for you to reproduce and share freely, and low resolution downloads FREE for your guests. This is ALL included in the hourly fee. Call now to check availability for your next PARTY! 352.598.0271 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

52 Project - week 33 - Those were the days?

Week thirty-three - Those were the days?
Not quite sure I'd like to live in the Cracker Days. I mean I love the simple life and strive to make mine even more simple if at all possible. But people in the old days had it rough. Growing their groceries, canning their food, cooking with fire alone, making your own tools, sewing your wardrobe and on and on and on. Let us learn this lesson... our lives are easier because of others that came before us, and we too shall pass on our conveniences. Just don't fill your life with too much to do just because it's easier. Enjoy the calm that comes with a simple life.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Operation Christmas Child VIDEO

I hope this video helps you to understand the imact of this mission and why it means so much to me!

Operation Christmas Child

8 MILLION CHILDREN received your shoe boxes last year
OVER 130 COUNTRIES have received shoe boxes since 1993
ONE MISSION: To demonstrate God's love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Donations of items can be made at my studio: 2550 NE 36th Avenue, Studio A, Ocala, FL 34479 (next to Booster Stadium) or at the Church listed below!
Donations of money (used for postage and items to send) can be made to Christ the King Anglican Church. WEBSITE or mail it to: 3850 W. Anthony Road, Ocala, FL 34475
Items we need:
SCHOOL SUPPLIES: pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, flexible rulers, blunt tip scissors, markers, colored pencils, spiral notebooks, small story books, solar calculators HAIR ACCESSORIES: for boys and girls, combs, brushes, elastics, clips COLORING: books, crayons CLOTHING ACCESSORIES: watches, ball caps, t-shirts, flip flops, hats or ball caps, sunglasses NECCESSITIES: wash cloths, flashlights with extra batteries, bars of soap, gum, bags of lollipops TOYS: balls, small dolls, kazoos, yo-yos, jump ropes, slinky, small cars
WHAT CAN YOU DO? Your best is enough!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

52 Project week 32 movie making

My girls love hanging out on the King size bed and playing board games, watching tv, snuggling, and most recently learning how to use the video camera. They made puppets out of popsicle sticks and did a "play" of sorts for the other sister to film, they took turns and had some fun. So did I capturing the moment on film, stills of course. Hope you enjoy.

Week thirteen - beach

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