Wednesday, October 27, 2010

52 Project - Week eleven - Signs

So I'll admit my husband and I are design junkies, well more accurately HE is and I have been with him for 17 years and have by default become one myself.  

We as humans are constantly surrounded by design. From a manhole cover (which I am fascinated by) to the poorly designed political signage littering the roadsides. Whether you have noticed or not signs have changed drastically over time and for the WORST I might add. There used to be pride taken in displaying a sign. It was handcrafted, painted or hammer by an artisan. Now its printed on a desk top printer, and slid into a plexi glass frame.  In an effort to never lose sight of these icons of beauty Kip and I have made it our personal goal and hobby to "shoot" signs and make a collection of images of these beautiful and rare pieces of art. I hope you enjoy this tiny sampling of some of our collection.

Do you have a favorite sign? Where is it? How was it made? I'd love to hear about it. Leave me a comment. Maybe I could find it and take an image for our collection.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Photography tips from Canon

Halloween Photography Tips from Canon

Attention "clickers"are you struggling with capturing images after dark, at dusk, or with candle light. It seems like October is full of those moments. The link above is to an outstanding article on Canon's site on how to troubleshoot these and other Halloween issues.

It's an easy and informative article. I especially enjoyed this excerpt:

Setting the Mood
Embrace the mood of your Halloween scene, whether it’s dark and spooky, or cute and playful:
  • Pumpkin patches are a perfect place for a family portrait. It’s a great way to use background details to create a sense of time and place that will give your photos context.

I will be shooting for two more public sessions at the Druid Hills Pumpkin Patch. So come on out and say hi to Cindi with an eye!

Friday 4 pm until 7:15 pm     AND     Saturday  6 pm until 7:15 pm

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OUTTA commission! At least the Canon 5D

Well the worst happened today. Mid assignment, non-the-less, my primary camera (Canon 5D) stopped firing.  Error 99!!!

What do you ask is error 99?? no clue myself, so the troubleshooting started.

1. Cleaned the lens pins. NO LUCK
2. Removed memory card. NO LUCK
3. Powered down, and up. NO LUCK
4. Cried internally.
5. Peeked under the mirror.... OH MY GOODNESS!

The shutter is destroyed!  I took it to Cameo Photo, had it expressed shipped to Canon for repairs and will have to get a loaner for the pumpkin patch and wedding coming up in two days.

So now I'm home from church uploading today's shoot and look what I found!  Do you  see the pieces of my shutter screen?!!!  Well these are ones for the record books! This Canon is only about 1.5 yrs old. I shoot like crazy but hey it's my job!  Hope you can giggle at the images, while I cry in my head. Seriously I'll be ok, but it's still a huge bummer.

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52 Project- Week ten- Play with your food

We all eat, so why not play with your food. At least in the privacy of your own home!  Stack it, smush it, color it, wrap it, mix it, gobble it up!    What is your favorite meal? Leave me a comment below.

Week ten - Food

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

52 Project- week nine- Puppet Show

In an effort to save on our monthly budget we have surrendered the dvr box. OK, yes we still have cable, only channels 2-22, BUT we don't sit in front of the TV for long hours watching Americas Funniest Videos with our children. 

INSTEAD:  we have paper bag puppet shows!
and remote control car races through lego race tracks,
and bead stringing jewelry time,
and go fish championships,
and charades, 
and snuggling,
and so much more!

What would you do with the TV off? We challenge you to one week of no TV! I double dog dare you!

Week nine - Puppet Show

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

52 Project- week eight- Automobiles

Being raised by a car enthusiast has made me hyper aware of a good looking car. My eye is drawn to unique, old, vintage, or even ultra modern rides.  My favorite car is  a Jaguar, never owned one...probably never will (the parts are too expensive). What is your favorite car? Send me a comment below.

Week eight - Automobiles

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