Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OUTTA commission! At least the Canon 5D

Well the worst happened today. Mid assignment, non-the-less, my primary camera (Canon 5D) stopped firing.  Error 99!!!

What do you ask is error 99?? no clue myself, so the troubleshooting started.

1. Cleaned the lens pins. NO LUCK
2. Removed memory card. NO LUCK
3. Powered down, and up. NO LUCK
4. Cried internally.
5. Peeked under the mirror.... OH MY GOODNESS!

The shutter is destroyed!  I took it to Cameo Photo, had it expressed shipped to Canon for repairs and will have to get a loaner for the pumpkin patch and wedding coming up in two days.

So now I'm home from church uploading today's shoot and look what I found!  Do you  see the pieces of my shutter screen?!!!  Well these are ones for the record books! This Canon is only about 1.5 yrs old. I shoot like crazy but hey it's my job!  Hope you can giggle at the images, while I cry in my head. Seriously I'll be ok, but it's still a huge bummer.

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  1. warranty should cover shutter failure. Otherwise I believe the price is around 200, 300 to fix.