Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Photography tips from Canon

Halloween Photography Tips from Canon

Attention "clickers"are you struggling with capturing images after dark, at dusk, or with candle light. It seems like October is full of those moments. The link above is to an outstanding article on Canon's site on how to troubleshoot these and other Halloween issues.

It's an easy and informative article. I especially enjoyed this excerpt:

Setting the Mood
Embrace the mood of your Halloween scene, whether it’s dark and spooky, or cute and playful:
  • Pumpkin patches are a perfect place for a family portrait. It’s a great way to use background details to create a sense of time and place that will give your photos context.

I will be shooting for two more public sessions at the Druid Hills Pumpkin Patch. So come on out and say hi to Cindi with an eye!

Friday 4 pm until 7:15 pm     AND     Saturday  6 pm until 7:15 pm

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