Wednesday, June 29, 2011

52 Project week 42- caterpillar to butterfly

Life is so amazing. I know I was amazed at the creation of my children and their birth and even how they grow and develop each day. The youngest received a butterfly environment for her 7th birthday and to be honest with you I thought it was going to be a BIG fail in our house. WOW was I wrong. We got 5 caterpillars in the mail in a steamy cup full of this cornmeal looking goop. In about 5 days this spiny and CHUBBY caterpillars climbed up to the roof of the cup and began to form a shell. It was absolutely amazing to see this happening right on the kitchen counter. About seven days later they were hard and iridescent so we transferred the paper they had adhered to in to the "environment". They were pinned to the wall literally with a pin. Seven more days and we had butterflies hatching!!! They dried their wings and sucked sugar water off of napkin balls we made for them. Then they were all named and released to Earth at two days old. We released about 2 a day until all 5 were on their path to a new life. So eye opening to be a part of such a transition.

Week forty-one Caterpillar to Butterfly

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

52 Project - week 41-smoke

Which one looks like a lady raising her arms up to heaven? Image #1, 2, 3, 4, 5?? Leave a comment.
Can you believe it, I am on week 41 already! I can hardly wait for my week 52 post. WOW! I have so much to share, but for know, I hope you enjoy the smoke. This series of images was created in studio. I had a back/side light and a white foam core reflecting back on to the smoke. It was an incense stick to keep the stream constant.

Week forty-one - smoke

Image #1
Image #2
Image #3
Image #4
Image #5
This shows the lighting setup. I hope it helps. If you try this please remember you are working with fire and should show extreme caution.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

52 Project - week 40 Lego Night

Week forty - lego night

What a fun time we had playing the lego game. You roll a die and then build the item in the challenged category and then you guess the other players creations as well.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

52 Project Week 39 Juicy Summer

Week thirty-nine - juicy summer

Summer has official begun when the road side farmers start selling those BIG juicy watermelons! Oh how I love to slice one up stick it in the fridge and then eat up a bunch of cold and yummy pieces on the porch! Do you spit the seeds? Leave me a comment?

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

52 Project week 38 The Feast

Week thirty-eight - The Feast

If you know me...Eating is a sport and I AM A CHAMPION. Oh and I can cook pretty swell as well! So enjoy this photo montage of taco night with raspberry fluff for dessert. No drooling on the keyboard this could lead to a shocking result. I know cheesy, cheesy! *(sounds yummy)

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