Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Do you like FREE stuff? Swag? Gimmies? Loot? Pirate Booty?
Well we got you covered.  The Gathering is having door prizes! Come on out to The Gathering this Saturday, February 27, from 10 am until 1pm at the MCBIA bldg. 2800 NE 14th Street (next to Winn Dixie)  Register once and be eligible to win!
Two free portrait sessions w/8x10  (value $200)   CWAE photography
One year registration ($40 value)  Shotokan Karate of Ocala
Cozy Comfort Gift Set ($26.95 value)  Tastefully Simple
One Hour photo session, 10 digital downloads, 2 (8x10) prints (by Fredecknoir Photography)  Montessori House
Star Jasmine Tuberose Luxury Gift Set  ($50 value)  Arbonne International
A Miche Handbag ($31.95 value) Miche Bags
Medium Square Bamboo Bowl filled with lots of Pampered Chef goodies  (Value over $40) Pampered Chef
3 hours of Home Care  light housekeeping or other ($45 value) House Call Senior Home Care
Save the Tata's hat & magnet ($25 value) All About You Womens Boutique
Free Smoothies at The Gathering ($priceless) Tropical Smoothie
Free Chair massages at The Gathering ($priceless) Angenius Massage
Gift Certificate for DJ Services ($300+) CS Entertainment
Gift Certificate for Discovery Toys ($25) Discovery Toys
Flexibility and Strength Assessment ($50 value) Glenn Kaizer
Free family membership ($50 value) Appleton Museum of Art

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Imagination Station @ The Gathering!

Painting is such a fun, peaceful, and thoughtful activity. Cindi will have the "Imagination Station" set and ready for my little artists. You can paint with a brush OR your chubby lil fingers! We'll create some amazing images together. 

First come first serve, NO sitting fee, photos will be on for proofing and ordering.  See you at The Gathering on Saturday 10-1pm.

COME OUT FOR: Bounce House, Food, Music, Balloons, Fun, Shopping, Freebies 
and all to provide new toys for Shands Childrens' Hospital.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Day! Our photos made Ocala Style.

Snow Day!

Well, not really a whole day, more like a few early morning hours, but you get the idea.

By Dean Blinkhorn - Tuesday, February 02, 2010

While most people were still sleeping in the wee hours of January 9, 2010, the skies over Central Florida were offering a rare treat, something not seen here for more than 20 years—snow! Unlike the ’89 dusting, however, lots of Ocala Style fans posted their best pics on our Facebook page shortly after daybreak. Here are some of the best ones from this once-in-a-generation event. Mark your calendars now for 2031. Sledding anyone? —Dean Blinkhorn

**My shots are girl in pink jacket, girl in white jacket, fingers in snow and me throwing the snowball at YOU!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Having MY portrait made.

I needed an updated portrait of myself and didn't want to do self portrait. I wanted an active candid shot that wasn't so planned by me. I began the search in July of 2009 for an artist I felt could reflect me, my work, and my personality in their image. Tough task.

I came across Fredeck Noir (a.k.a. Freddie Lopez). His work was emotional, dark, moody, and amazing. What a small world too, I knew the circles he walked in. After requesting Fredeck to make my portrait the nerves set in. I began to regret my decision to do this. Was this how MY clients felt? What would I wear? How would I do my hair? Why all of the sudden did I care so much? I guess the self esteem needed a check. We met in October and had no success, I was stiff, light was bad, scratch. I again questioned if I really wanted to be on this side of the lense...

Yesterday, three months later, Fredeck and his assistant Shannon came to my home. Yes, I was still unnerved. But, it wasn't so bad. A little makeup here, spray and brush there. Wow, I began to transform. We dove into the closet, and I couldn't believe it, I actually looked great and felt confident! The visual goal we discussed prior to the shoot was accomplished and it was spot on!

Man, I am so glad that I did this. I had fun, I felt good, and I love the image. I then wondered, is this how MY clients feel?


An image of self is so important, no one is just like you. You are unique and special, don't wait to have that part of you captured and made in to art.

A special thank you to Shannon and Freddie of Check out his portfolio online.

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