Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY- Co-worker gifts

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving and part of working in a corporate environment is gifting your co-workers during this season of celebration. The problem is how to cater to all different interests, genders while staying PC and within a reasonable budget.

Last year Mr. CWAE gave succulent plants in porcelain dishes. They were attractive and everyone had a plant on their desk. One even survived the entire year!

This year I once again was given this seemingly impossible tasks, but HEY what else do I have to do all day, right?! I love a good challenge, so I dove right in. Guess where? Pinterest of course! There were tons of ideas but none seemed to stick out. I did love the IBC root beer turned into Reindeers. They were cute and delicious, but of course they were sold out at the supermarket (some other house mom got there before me). Good for her, over achiever!

I schlepped my rear end to Michaels for some fresh inspiration. Goal- get it done, keep it useful, low cost and creative (no biggie huh?)

After a bit of time I found these glass mason jars ($1.99 ea) and some replacement lids that came with plastic straws and rubber ringed holes on them. (2 for $3.99) I do believe I have an Eyedea!

I'll fill the glass with oreos and candy canes, stick a label on the jar for personalization and make the jar into a drinking glass! PERFECTION. Of course I used two coupons and made six of these. Final price per gift= $4.58 each! I would say that's a WINNER WINNER Chicken Dinner. Wouldn't you?

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Top 14 of 2014

Photography is still a passion and love of mine. 2014 brought some amazing images along with some new relationships with clients. Here's the top 14 of 2014.

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