Wednesday, May 25, 2011

52 Project Week 37 Dirty Worms

A recent trip to the worm farm turned out to be an eye opening experience and one that we took home with us literally. The Williams' family are the proud owners of our very own worm farm!

This all started when Journey (first grader) was studying worms in class, they were learning all about them and raising their own in little cups of soil. When the unit ended and the projects were complete the worms came home to live with us. They didn't last long since we had no idea how to properly care for them. Oh, the disappointment that washed over her face when she realized they had run away only to dry up on the back porch.

Her birthday was only a couple weeks after the "incident" so she had convinced us that we should get her more worms that she could play with. Hmmmm? worms as toys? I wasn't quite sure that this would fit in with our family. I recalled meeting the good people of "Dirty Worms" at a Natural Awakenings film festival and gave them a call. Brad and Becky were quick to call me back and inform me of my options in home worm farming and how easy it all could be. I still wasn't sure this was for us.  Then they said, "we are having a harvest at the farm this weekend if you'd like to visit, you'll learn a lot."

We (the entire family) hopped in the truck and headed to the Dirty Worm farm in Ocklawaha, FL WOW what a cool setup. We had a vip tour of the facility and learned so much about worms, their life cycle, their castings (aka poop) and how they are harvested in a productive and humane system. It's just amazing! Of course my camera was there to capture the finer parts of the farm! Enjoy the photos.

Then we made our own worm farm in a hot pink tub to take home. Our worms are doing well and haven't had any problems so far. We love composting in to the tub and visiting them from time to time. There is no odor and they seem to keep to themselves under all that rich soil. We even got a bag of castings to use in our plants, so excited to see the results of this rich and natural fertilizer.

Want castings of your own?
Want a worm farm?
Need to know more?
Want to talk to Brad and Becky?
Dirty worms has a website HERE and it's definitely worth a visit.
Or call them at 352-857-7381

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3rd Qtr News from Cindi with an eye!

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52 Project- week 36 Repurposed Me

Week thirty-six - Repurposed me

As you know we are an family of artists and love the visual arts. This love has been enriched by our monthly Friday night Art Walk in downtown Ocala. If you haven't come out for this wonderful event then I urge you to do so in June on the First Friday. The downtown area comes alive with a buzz of culture and rich artistic flair. You will see sidewalk painters, sculptors, singers, and just interesting characters. The local galleries are open with food samples, and wonderful art for the viewing and purchase. We swing in all the shops and say hello to old friends and try to make new ones. It never fails that I click away some super duper images, such amazing subjects.

The May walk was a particularly exciting one as I was picking up a new piece commissioned for my new studio. Jody Schaible of "Repurposed Me" constructed a Cindi Cyclops out of silverware, a platter, and a penny. *note the penny has the date of establishment for Cindi with an eye photography....super cool huh?! Jody has a passion for using his hands to make some amazing pieces and his mind is ever working on how to reuse and repurpose daily objects. Jody and his cutie wife Elaine will be at the First Friday art walk in June as well, stop by their booth, pick out something interesting. You'll be saving the planet and lookin' good at the same time!

To contact Jody at REPURPOSED ME...1 352.361.8031 Mobile OR email:

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WHAT IT IS? *Revealed!

Last week I posted some mystery shots. Most of you got them correct, so next time... I'm gonna make it super tough! hahaaha.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

52 Project week 35 "What it is?"

What it is? You read it right? What it is?
Leave a comment with your guess for each image. Answers will be in next weeks' entry! FUN FUN FUN

Week thirty-five - WHAT IT IS?

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Studio Tour

Cindi with an eye is growing up! Her third birthday happened this year and she opened a studio on NE 36th Avenue. If you didn't get to attend the Eye Appreciate You party for the studio tour. Now is your chance to see a glimpse of it through my lens.

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