Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What a successful fundraiser for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta!  The "What I want to be when I grow up" Party thrown in honor of Blogger Lauren's 30th birthday and her darling little "Noah" went over well!  Donations can still be made online here.

Cindi with an eye was one of many super duper sponsors. Eye was so proud to take part in such a fun and successful night!  GOTTA see MORE PHOTOS? Click here.

Open bar always helps kick the party up a notch! Check out that custom beer holder! cool HUH!!?

 The Birthday girl LAUREN and the guest of honor NOAH!
 A delicious buffet kept the guests full and busy throughout the evening.
Cake and cupcakes designed and baked with such yumminess by Rach makes Cakes!

 Best costume of the night went to the "MOM" She had a baby on her back, a toddler on her leg, diaper bag, and her smart phone!  GO MOMMY!

 Costumes, what fun!

 The decorations all were within the theme. You can be anything you wanna be when you grow up! Even a clown! Perfect!!


A toast to event!  *note my cupcake toast, I don't drink at work!