Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby Jesus in a jar?

As a Co-Mander of Awana I needed to create a craft project for our Christian Christmas party outta almost nothing...

The result, pure Holy Spirit genius!
Check it out. Share it. Build it. and HE will come!!

Supplies needed: plastic baby, glass baby food jar, water, glitter, hot glue gun, pine cone, rafia, labels (not necessary), fun crafty attitude!

Step 1
buy the babies (got mine at Michael's craft, had to had some mailed from Florida since my local shop ran outta babies!) thanks mom and dad!

Paint the white swaddling clothes, with acrylic paint since he's going underwater. He is officially a Baby Jesus now. ok? so respect!

Step 2
heat up the gun, the glue gun that is. I cut a section of rafia and then cut apart a pine cone and used the "scales" (who knew? not me, I had to google that one!) to build a manager for Baby Jesus. Take the lid off the baby food jar, squirt the glue generously on the inside of the lid. Push the rafia into the puddle of BURNING hot glue, scream, then place the "scales" on another puddle of glue, scream some more! MAN that is some hot glue! Then gently glue the Son of God on top of the "manager".

Step 3
Fill up the baby food jar with water and sprinkle some glitter in it. I stirred it up to make the glitter wet and help it sink. If not, it will stick to the objects.

Step 4
Put the lid back on and seal it VERY well. Flip it over. Whoa magical effect huh!?  Kids are totally amazed at this point.

Step 5
I used Avery labels 22831 which are gold embossed 2" circle labels that you can run through the printer. The verse used is Isaiah 9:6

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY - registers

Well HELLOOOO people!

I know it's been a while since we've been together and I'm so sorry for that. I've been a bit occupied lately and I hope to catch you up a bit on my comings and goings.

First things first... we bought us a house! Yeppers in June of 2012 we closed the deal on a sweet home for our clan. This house needed a bunch of TLC and boy oh boy is it gettin' it.

Today's post is about the air registers IN the house. If you are an individual that has never had a multiple level home then you'll be like me and have no clue why the air comes out of the floor!  Anyway, the registers were so scary looking...

Rusted, sharp, and scary! A quick trip to Home Depot revealed that to replace all 9 registers it would cost me $140!! If you know me...I was like WHAT?! no way!  A can of rustoleum, a bit of elbow grease and I paid a whopping $7.50!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What a successful fundraiser for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta!  The "What I want to be when I grow up" Party thrown in honor of Blogger Lauren's 30th birthday and her darling little "Noah" went over well!  Donations can still be made online here.

Cindi with an eye was one of many super duper sponsors. Eye was so proud to take part in such a fun and successful night!  GOTTA see MORE PHOTOS? Click here.

Open bar always helps kick the party up a notch! Check out that custom beer holder! cool HUH!!?

 The Birthday girl LAUREN and the guest of honor NOAH!
 A delicious buffet kept the guests full and busy throughout the evening.
Cake and cupcakes designed and baked with such yumminess by Rach makes Cakes!

 Best costume of the night went to the "MOM" She had a baby on her back, a toddler on her leg, diaper bag, and her smart phone!  GO MOMMY!

 Costumes, what fun!

 The decorations all were within the theme. You can be anything you wanna be when you grow up! Even a clown! Perfect!!


A toast to event!  *note my cupcake toast, I don't drink at work!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Doctor Cindi with an eye!

So Eye'm finally a Doctor! Well at least when it comes to sponsoring a worthy event I get the title of "Doctor"

My friend Lauren Tanner is throwing a 30th birthday party for herself and raising money for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta!  What a super idea.  Eye'll be shooting the event and dressing up like a.... Photographer! You guessed it!  Yes, it's what I wanted to be when I grew up and it wasn't my first career, so you CAN change your mind.

It's a costume party where you dress up in the job you've always wanted. So now is the time to play big kid and choose your own NEW job!  No more complaining about not being a super hero, or a paleontologist. Now is the time!

I hope you click the link and learn some more...  See ya there! 

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Le Diner en Blanc


It's been a ritual in Paris over the past 20 years or so, thousands of people all dressed in their best white outfit arrive at the same time to have a posh picnic in a prestigious Parisian location.
You only get invited by friends and the location remains a secret until the last minute (you get told once you are on the coach on the way). This year we were a total of 12000 people: 6000 in the Cour CarrĂ©e du Louvre (where we were) and 6000 in front of Notre Dame.  To see more  images and information from Famille Summerbelle Blog

What a wonderful evening outdoors among wonderful Christian women! Last night I attended my first (but not my last!) Le Diner en Blanc which transulates to Dinner in White, and what a wonderful event it was. The dress code was all white, with a menu of white food to compliment the outdoor eating event on the back deck.

The food was amazing however the conversation and the company was even better. I challenge you to plan an event like this for your friends or to make new ones. May the photos be an inspiration to get started and open your home and hearts to some genuine conversation and memorable moments.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

For years my frugal and very smart father Chris has been telling me to refill my own ink cartridges. Well I finally took his council and wow have I been missing out on the savings!

It used to cost me about $130 to buy all the ink I need to do photo printing on my Canon ink jet printer. I print a lot of thumbnail guides for clients of what is on their discs and these are large files and high quality images. So to say the least my printer was going bananas on ink consumption.  Now I pay a fraction of the price (less than half).

Here's a photo essay on the ink I purchase and how easy it is to refill. Even a moron that doesn't listen to her dad for years can do it!  (that one's for you Cheese)

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Organic Food on my doorstep!

I know it sounds crazy but it's so super real... hang on to your hemp panties... Organic Food delivered every two weeks to my doorstep!

I learned about this super duper service from my newest friends at ATD Home Remodeling, they too have fresh organic food delivered to their office. Soon after I saw a Groupon for Natures Garden Delivered and it was too big of a deal to resist.

We got our first box on Friday and let me tell ya, it was like getting a package from Grandma! We tore that bad boy open and found the yummiest fruits and veggies!  I can stop or delay my bi monthly deliveries anytime, if I'm too full or outta town.  I even clicked off a list of no-no's like onions (since Mr. CWAE is allergic to them!) I know weird, but true, shockingly true. I haven't cooked with onions in over 18 years.

 Aren't they beautiful!? This is the "medium mixed box," tons o' yummy! Natures Garden Delivered
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lent Photography final week in Review

HE is Risen!

Well this Lenten promise to myself and the Lord has proven to be a challenging and reflective time for me. I hope the same has been for you. Did you have a special one that touched you? A favorite?

Love to hear your thoughts. Happy Easter, and remember the sacrifice that was made just for YOU!
Long live the King!

You can follow the daily photography post for the 40 days of Lent on Facebook.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Donuts from a Bunny

Our lovely neighbors randomly shower us with yummy treats. What a blessing to have such loving neighbors with good "taste."

What have you done for your neighbor lately?

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