Monday, April 9, 2012

Organic Food on my doorstep!

I know it sounds crazy but it's so super real... hang on to your hemp panties... Organic Food delivered every two weeks to my doorstep!

I learned about this super duper service from my newest friends at ATD Home Remodeling, they too have fresh organic food delivered to their office. Soon after I saw a Groupon for Natures Garden Delivered and it was too big of a deal to resist.

We got our first box on Friday and let me tell ya, it was like getting a package from Grandma! We tore that bad boy open and found the yummiest fruits and veggies!  I can stop or delay my bi monthly deliveries anytime, if I'm too full or outta town.  I even clicked off a list of no-no's like onions (since Mr. CWAE is allergic to them!) I know weird, but true, shockingly true. I haven't cooked with onions in over 18 years.

 Aren't they beautiful!? This is the "medium mixed box," tons o' yummy! Natures Garden Delivered
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  1. These veggies and fruits sure look great and fresh! The fact that you didn't even spend lots of time to look for these as you got them online is definitely the icing on the cake!