Friday, August 21, 2009

Challenge for you

Girls are heading back to school next week, that means no more five year old answering my business line! She's a swell secretary but doesn't take great messages. So now that the house will be empty for six straight hours....what's a girl to do!? No problem my to do list is a mile long, we all have one, BUT seriously! I want to do a coffee table book this year on a topic. Now I did put this out there on facebook and got some interesting feedback.

So I reach out once again in to the fish bowl of life and ask you all...

WHAT subject do you think I could find enough of to shoot and make in to an interesting book. The goal is to have fun, search a bit and then make an interesting read. The goal isn't to sell tons of books even though I'd be happy to take your money. It's to vent all this creativity pent up inside me...

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