Thursday, September 8, 2011

May the force be with you!

Family night is one of my favorite weekly get togethers. Our family dines at the dining table, we share giggle, and eat a lovely meal. This week was chocolate crepes with fresh cream and raspberry stuffing. We also had Italian sausage and freshly brewed southern sweet tea! Yum.

Then we join together on mom and dad's king bed to read a family devotional and the bible. We discuss our faith, beliefs, and situational ideas.

Last on the list is an activity. Sometimes it a board game, maybe legos, or soap carving. The activities get pretty strange... always something new and always so much fun! This week we decided to explore origami. But not just plain ole Japanese style.... STAR WARS style.  Mr. CWAE has decided that the children have to watch all 6 episodes of Star Wars in the proper order (chronological-not released order).  They are on movie number 4 by the way.

Hope you enjoy the pics of the origami!  Google: origami, star wars and you won't be disappointed.

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  1. LOVE Darth Paper and LOVE seeing a family so devoted to each other!<3 Inspirational!!

  2. I would say may the force be with you, but obviously you already have it! An entire family of Jedi Knights!!