Friday, September 2, 2011

52 Week Project - Week 51 Pipe Fish

Don't even know what the 52 project is? MY spin on the 365...

If you are into photography you have heard of the "365 project" where you take, edit, and post a picture each and everyday of the year. I mean, I love shooting, love editing, love sharing but I want days off too. So, here's the compromise...I am doing a 52 project. A blog post a week, five photos (Mon.-Fri. get it?!) and a theme to the five shots. Posted each Wednesday.

Week fifty-one - pipe fish

So the girls were fishing with their nets on our last family picnic trip and one of them caught a strange fish. After researching on wikipedia we found out she had caught a "pipe fish" which is related to a seahorse!!

Wikipedia: Pipefish look like straight-bodied seahorses with tiny mouths. The name is derived from the peculiar form of their snout, which is like a long tube, ending in a narrow and small mouth which opens upwards and is toothless. The body and tail are long, thin, and snake-like. They have a highly modified skeleton formed into armored plating. This dermal skeleton has several longitudinal ridges, so that a vertical section through the body looks angular, not round or oval as in the majority of other fishes.

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