Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Don't even know what the 52 project is? MY spin on the 365... 
*I have to tell you.... when I started this project I thought I had invented the idea.  Little did I know that photographers had been doing the 52 project for years. duh. Guess that means I didn't invent the internet either! Whoa embarrassing!

Well I made it and I completed a YEAR worth of posting. I have to say I am proud and sorta surprised that I did it. Some weeks I loved posting and others ones were more of a chore. The thing is I am proud and so I can stand tall and say, "Oh, I've done that!"

This is a famous family night activity where we all designed our own paper airplanes and then had a contest for flying them. It got a bit silly but it was super fun!  I challenge you to spend more quality time with the ones that love you and that you love.

Week fifty-two - paper airplanes

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