Wednesday, November 3, 2010

52 week project - Week twelve - Gardening

I love the idea of growing my own groceries. Not only would it be a large savings but the satisfaction of biting in to a food that I knew was grown without chemicals and suffering would just taste better.

Ok, this isn't just a theory of mine, I've actually successfully grown my own garden and eaten the fruits of my labor. Every year the children beg me to start a new garden, so I weed the old plot, till it, clean and prep it for the seedlings. About a week into this magical experience the kids lose interest and I am forced to weed, feed, and care for the crops myself.

I still love my time spent out there in the sunshine watching the sprinkler rain on the garden. I talk to God when I'm out there and the toads seem to listen. Every so often I get to pick a ripe tomato or a green bean. I even rinse and eat some right in the garden, it's my little slice of heaven.

Do you garden? What do you grow? What is the easiest plant to care for? 

Week twelve - gardening

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