Wednesday, November 24, 2010

52 week Project- Week 15 - circles

Week fifteen - circles

Don't even know what the 52 project is? MY spin on the 365...
If you are at all into photography you have heard of the 365 projects where you take, edit, and post a picture each day of the year. I mean, I love shooting, love editing, love sharing but I want days off too. So, here's the compromise...I am doing a 52 project. A post a week, five photos (m-f get it?!) and a theme to the five shots. Posted each Wednesday.

So last night as a family activity each member got their cameras and we shot circles around the house. The challenge was to shoot 5 circles and compose them in the same spot on the frame.  Symphony came to the share time with over 50 circles!! ALL composed in the center. I chose to compose them in the upper left third. Hope you enjoy them.

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