Monday, September 27, 2010

Free PHOTO books, only pay your shipping!

News from my favorite blogger, Megan over at Frugal Fun Fortune:
(paraphrasing some of her thoughts + mine)

I'm excited to share with you that the FREE Picaboo Photobook offer has RETURNED! Woo Hoo! So if you missed out on it last month, you can take advantage of it now. And the greatest thing about it? It’s valid through December 31st! Yeah! PERFECT for Holiday gifts!

First time Picaboo customers can use the code 1FBLGB-7W to get a FREE large hardcover photobook. All you’ll have to pay is shipping, which is $8.99.  That is a GREAT deal, considering the photobook is a $40 value! If you need images from your session with Cindi with an eye, just Email Cindi with an Eye and you can start making your book!

This is a great way to create a beautiful and personal keepsake for somebody at very little cost. So go sign up and get started! What’s great is that Picaboo is an application that you can use on your computer, WITHOUT having to be on the Internet. Once you’re done creating it, you can submit it for ordering. It’s that easy!

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