Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My fave subjects

One of my favorite subjects is children, and of course my own children rank very high on the interest scale! They are creative, willing, and able subjects. Here Journey wanted to see how high she could jump. The goal is to "catch" that jump in mid air without blur. 

Set the camera to a high shutter speed or just go with automatic setting on your SLR and trail the subject as they move. Be sure to have PLENTY of light. Open a window, turn on lights, and maybe even a fill flash. Then ready, set, go! Move the camera with the subject, trail them as they move past you and then depress the shutter just when the magic happens. Don't worry about how many frames you capture, it's digital! 

I even dialed up the contrast and added some gritty feel to sharpen it up a bit to make her pop! Check out the free actions at: coffee tea photography

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