Thursday, August 19, 2010

52 Project week one - water

Today begins the rest of my year, let me explain...
If you are at all into photography you have heard of the 365 projects where you take, edit, and post a picture each day of the year. Very interesting and unique, I'll give it to the person who started it all. However, I do not have that amount of spare time each and everyday, and if I did I wouldn't want to make a commitment to a photo a day. I mean, I love shooting, love editing, love sharing but I want days off too.

So, here's the compromise...I am doing a 52 project. A post a week, five photos (m-f get it?!) and a theme to the five shots.  I might spice it up as I go. Hope you all enjoy seeing the post each Wednesday. I am open to comment as I hope the images will evoke some thought and reflection or even a giggle.

Week one - water

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