Monday, March 1, 2010

Friends forever

Do you have to wait until you are retired to sit on a park bench with a friend, sip coffee, and shoot the breeze? I don't think so. I think the perfect day to do that is today or even tomorrow, but don't put it off longer than that.

For me, quality time is put on my calendar, actually "booked" so I don't let it pass. Noooo, I'm not that important or busy or saving the world, it's just that I tend to be a task oriented kind of chic. Time seems to slip away from me in the mundane tasks of life and on my to do list. So I actually make appointments with myself to spend time doing the things that make me happy. I CHOOSE to be happy and to maintain that happiness. It isn't selfish or silly, its important to remember my role in this world and to stay focused and well.

Even this Lent I chose to power down my Mac before 7 pm for the 40 days until Easter. Easy, right?!  Ok you try it!! It was so difficult at first to budget my time and be ready to shut down by 7 pm. It's been a couple of weeks and now I look forward to my evenings. We are back to our game nights, I am reading a BIG girls book (not kiddy literature), and my husband hangs out with me. Happiness.

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