Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Online Deals for Holiday Cards

So its the time of year to send some OLE' fashioned stamped mail. I know you ALL want holiday cards, so DO IT..and DIY! Its easy and fun, trust me I've done tons of them.

Step One: This involves finding out the current stamp price ($.44 WOW have times changed).

Step Two: You already have a gorgeous image to work with if you are a past client of Cindi with an eye! $15 per image buys you the digital file to use on a greeting card. So go ahead an email me which one you want! I'll email you the files and you send me a check.

Step Three: Hunt down the best deal on cards, most of them include envelopes. I've done the hard work for you...but look some more there's a lot going on out there.

Step Four: Address the envelopes and find relatives in your address book you didn't even know existed! Fun, maybe some of them even have you in their will!

You'll be so happy you followed my directions and sent a personal greeting. Emails don't cut it anymore, they aren't as personal as schlepping it to the mailbox and opening a handwritten note from someone you haven't heard from in a while.

Click to find the most recent online coupon codes so you can find the best deals!!!

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