Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Name my camera to WIN!

She's HOME! My camera that is.

If you haven't read my post on the shutter disaster its worth a gander. My Canon 5D bit it hard two weeks ago mid-assignment and had to take a flight to VA to Canon. Well she's home again and ready to work.
NOW for the fun part... Let's name her! My cars have names, my kids do too, but my camera... nameless. It's like she's not even a member of the family, and you all know I spend more time with her than anyone in the fam. So help me name her!

Post a comment on this blog at the bottom and you might even win something! 
How about an hour massage with Angienius! 
Whoop whoop! Most creative name wins!

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  1. I say Eye-pod, kind of fits your company name as well. Play on words. I hope I win. :)

    Sarah Powers

  2. Well I have to say we got some creative kiddos out there!
    Here are a few...
    Barbara Hilliard- "Nikon"

    Sarah Powers- "I say Eye-pod, kind of fits your company name as well. Play on words. I hope I win. :)"

    Jay Fratello- "Cam-ila?"

    Curt Mason - "‎5Di"

  3. Be sure to post your name eyedea here in the comments section to be eligible to WIN the hour massage!

  4. Travis Korth- "Beulah"

    sorry I deleted your comment with my chubby fingers!

  5. Deanna Whitaker Byrd - Demystif-eye and call her Misti or something.

  6. Too bad I can't win a massage from myself, lol... I vote Cheese!

  7. @Angienius Massage... That is my father's nickname!! "Cheese" cause he's so cheesy with his humor! LOL

  8. eye of the beholder

    TJ Moon

  9. Bokeh :)will travel for massage

  10. The "Apple"....."The Apple of your Eye" hehe get it? Lol Idk I like it :)

    ~Shannon Ferrer

  11. How about Occhio! It's eye in Italian and it's fun to say :)

  12. Hmmm.. Can't take poppa's name. How about Ms. Munster. Its a Monster Cheese LOL.. Its a good thing I'm better at giving massages than I am naming ;)

  13. Hey Cindy,
    I like "Eyeshot" need to talk to you about getting those pics done for my daughter, and her cheerleading squad may need some too.

  14. Or maybe "shuteye" could do this all day!

  15. Hey I say vEYEcarious would be perfect. Check out the definition of vicarious and see what you think.

  16. She shall be called "Camila" I dig it, its very feminine, catchy and not too in your face! Congrats Jay Fratello on being a wiener, oops winner!

    I will mail you the massage gift certificate and I hope you enjoy the hour with Angienius Massage!