Monday, March 15, 2010

Eye love Charity

Eye love Charity

Every month, I donate my time and talent to a non-for-profit charity event. This month I had the pleasure to attend Blessed Trinity's Red and White event (again this year!) What a glorious night. It's a fund raiser for the primary school that includes an auction, black tie dinner, live auction, and this year bribed karaoke. NO JOKE! What a riot that was, I stay two extra hours til the stroke of midnight to watch these poor souls sing. I laughed so hard, and was really entertained by a rendition of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison." The guy who performed that was better than Cash! No kidding.

In my two years of business I have worked with some amazing non-for-profit organizations, here are a few:
Boys and Girls Club of Marion County
Arnette House
Grace School
Humane Society of Marion County
Marion County Literacy Council
Time to Dance
Ambleside School
ARC of Marion/MCBIA
Mary Ellen School of Dance
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church
Austism Awareness Club
Druid Hills United Methodist Church
Womens Veterans

Next month's charity is the YMCA. We are raising money for the scholarship fund. Cindi will be giving over 12 free family portrait sessions on April 17 & 18. Twenty percent of the profits from those gallery sales will benefit the YMCA!  WANNA have your photo taken with NO session fee??? Call the YMCA or stop by the front desk at the YMCA to register.

So Cindi is committed for charity well into 2010, however I have a few months open. If you know any charities in need tell them to call me and check my calendar.

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  1. Your photographs are amazing. You are such a generous person. I decided to follow your blog when I learned that you are from Ocala. I hope that one day we cross paths.

  2. @Florida Gallaghers. I hope we do cross paths be sure to say HI!