Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cindi with an eyedea...yep I have those!

Cindi with an eyedea...yep I have those!

Do you ever think of smart things that others could benefit from? Do you ever share that knowledge?
Eye do!

"Oh, I have the greatest idea, let's color table salt so you don't have to shake it in your hand to see how much you are applying to your veggies..."    DONE.

"I got one, let's make scrabble games for different cultural groups that use their lingo and slang. We'll give em cool names and they sell like crazy!"  not DONE.

"Or better yet, let's make hangers for tweens. You know, bigger than the infant ones but smaller than the giant adult size?!"   DONE?

"How about screen windows for the car?  So bugs don't fly in when we cruise on our long road trips. Fresh air in, bugs out!"   never will get DONE!

Moral of the story. I THINK ABOUT STUFF way too much. I do however have some very creative, interesting and effective marketing ideas for businesses. The success that I've had in my own campaigns and brand building are evidence that some of my Eyedeas DO work and are DONE!

Eye offer phone and in-human consultations (for an hourly fee) YES, people genius does come with a price tag. I have to eat to keep the ideas coming.  We can brainstorm solutions for your biggest struggles in your business. I can help you make a plan to impliment these ideas and bring them to fruition a.k.a. DONE status!  I can help your business gain life long followers and better yet fans. So you can reach your target audience and turn that relationship into profits.

Call me to start the conversation!  352-598-0271

PS-All of the above ideas were real, some where thought of over a glass of wine with good friends (you know who you are).

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