Friday, December 17, 2010

$50 PRIZE!! Don't Stop it, Crop it! Social Experiment

It all started when my cousin Joey had his head shot done and did this crop mark thing with his hands. It was love at first site! I decided to see how many people would shoot a photo of themselves or someone else doing a similar "cropped pose" with their hands. Well I've received 26 photos and am hoping for 74 more!  I want to make a huge special surprise for the New Year!

So why are you holding off? Too busy to have fun?  OK I get it... you need a prize!

Polished Salon in Ocala is amazing and I will give away a $50 gift certificate for services.  This is how it goes.

1. Get out the camera and a friend.
2. Pose using the hands crop like in these examples.
3. Post the photo on Cindi with an eye's facebook wall for submission.
4. Be picked at random on Thursday, December 23, 2010.
5. The $50 gift certificate will be mailed to you!

You can enter more than once by posting different people. You will not be entered if the rules above are not followed correctly. If you've sent in your photo already you too are eligible to win!


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