Thursday, April 15, 2010

Square foot Garden

Spring is here and so is gardening. Something about dirty toes and nails that is so pleasant to me, with garden soil that is. 

It's my third year growing my own garden. It all began when the girls wanted to grow food ("not eat it, just grow it Mommy") So we planted every crop known to man and had a surplus of veggies. We also had alot of rotten plants with way too much rain. The next year we read, studied and planted with some planning. Our garden was still way to huge but it was organized and much easier to weed and maintain. This year is the best so far. We went for the minimalist approach. Two tomato plants, one pepper, a hanging basket of strawberries and a simple herb garden.  FINALLY garden bliss....

Then I am visiting a client on her vast farm and I see the light at the end of the tunnel, the glory of all gardens. THE SQUARE FOOT GARDEN!  Ugghhh, how come I never find out until its too late. Now next years' garden will have to be the square foot garden.

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