Monday, February 1, 2010

Having MY portrait made.

I needed an updated portrait of myself and didn't want to do self portrait. I wanted an active candid shot that wasn't so planned by me. I began the search in July of 2009 for an artist I felt could reflect me, my work, and my personality in their image. Tough task.

I came across Fredeck Noir (a.k.a. Freddie Lopez). His work was emotional, dark, moody, and amazing. What a small world too, I knew the circles he walked in. After requesting Fredeck to make my portrait the nerves set in. I began to regret my decision to do this. Was this how MY clients felt? What would I wear? How would I do my hair? Why all of the sudden did I care so much? I guess the self esteem needed a check. We met in October and had no success, I was stiff, light was bad, scratch. I again questioned if I really wanted to be on this side of the lense...

Yesterday, three months later, Fredeck and his assistant Shannon came to my home. Yes, I was still unnerved. But, it wasn't so bad. A little makeup here, spray and brush there. Wow, I began to transform. We dove into the closet, and I couldn't believe it, I actually looked great and felt confident! The visual goal we discussed prior to the shoot was accomplished and it was spot on!

Man, I am so glad that I did this. I had fun, I felt good, and I love the image. I then wondered, is this how MY clients feel?


An image of self is so important, no one is just like you. You are unique and special, don't wait to have that part of you captured and made in to art.

A special thank you to Shannon and Freddie of Check out his portfolio online.

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