Wednesday, November 11, 2009

POETRY for those that aren't cultured enough. (me being one.)

Poetry from Women's Wear by: Mary S. Allen

"Family Portrait"

"Gather, dear family, over here;
Gether more closely, Mother dear,
Dad, too, move in, Alice, up straight!
Billy chin down - here's Grandma! Wait!
Everyone set? Then I will snap -
(Billy, you get on Mother's lap.)
Alice your nose! Grandma, turn quick!
Well here it goes! Relax folks!" Click..
From babe to bald each face wears pain.
The picture's called "Our Family Strain."

CUTE HUH!? I loved it since that's the way my dad takes the family shots! Love you daddy!
My service is a little bit more fun, at least that's what they say!

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