Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photo Tip-Hard light and shadows!

Hard light and shadows!

So its a bright day, not a cloud in the sky, a great day with your loved ones and you want to take some pictures. All right so you try to find a tree or a building to shade your subjects behind... no luck or the light is still streaming through.

Well kick it to the trunk of your car and get the umbrella that hasn't been used in a month (cause you know you never have it when you need it)! A white umbrella will work best, most golf umbrellas are large and have some white on them. Open it up and hold it over your shoulder while you shoot. Stand in front of your subject with the sun behind you. That way the sunlight is filtering through the umbrella and your subject doesn't have to squint. You also aren't shooting into the bright light.

Ok people now go out and try it. Don't be surprised if people look up at the sky looking for rain clouds when you are trying this out. Love to see your requests before and after! Send them to


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