Monday, April 2, 2012

Updated headshots? WHY? Eye'll show ya...

Eye've told you all time and time again that you need to have an updated headshot. Yes, people can tell it was your high school yearbook shot, they know that big bangs aren't current, and the lace collar your are sporting isn't recent. You are dating yourself and your place in the current market as well.

Do you really want to do business with someone that is lying to themselves? Won't they be dishonest with you as well?  hmmm? deep thought.

I wanted to prove my point visually since some of you still are not convinced! Don't worry I'm a visual learner as well. So here goes:

Image 1 is the old "Bio Page" of a client of mine.  The shots are fine, colorful, and they do in fact show humans that work there. They are shot well and even cropped decent, however I knew that Eye could improve on this page and the overall message it spoke.

Eye considered their industry.  Home Remodeling: construction, houses, improvements, team work, beauty, fresh, new.  They were the things I wanted to convey visually with the updated head shots.

Image 2 is the new and refreshed "Bio Page" no other design elements were altered and you can see a definite voice in this presentation.

Check out Attention to Detail Home Remodeling on facebook and the web!  You're bound to see some more of my work there!

This shoot took all of 20 minutes to complete and the final results were priceless! Hope you enjoyed... now call me and we'll update you as well!

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