Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An online business card printing review (repost)

So Cindi with an eye-dea! Has something to share with the masses (or the one person that actually reads this blog).  Many of you ask my advice on business cards and online printing. I get to share with you this day some very COOL information, that took me no effort at all. An excellent read!

A guy ordered the exact same business card from 5 of the top online printers on Google. Here's what they've sent.  

Cindi's Website


  1. Thank you for turning me on to MOO cards! They are the best and I get such a great response from them.

  2. angie you are the "one" person who reads this blog as mentioned above in the post! HAHAHAHAA

  3. Really fantastic card.... its color is very great and amazing... The print card templates awesome and wonderful this is really like a great card

  4. you make it easy to it applicable to print plastic cards?