Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chasing the Cheese this year 2011!

hasing the Cheese. So yes, I am trying to continue the positive momentum that has been built in 2010 for me.

* I want to steam roll in to the year 2011 with creative, smart, and effective images.
* I want to affect others with my talent.
* I want to share the joy of photography with my clients.
* I want to make growth in my business model.
* I want to prosper and enjoy the fruits of my labor.
* I want to serve the Lord in my efforts.
* I want to be ME!
* I want to reach for the inspiration that I feel is deep within me.

Who wants to help me?
I need you, I need your neighbor, I need your Mom, I need your favorite store, I need your BFF,  I need to know your favorite charity. Follow me on this blog, find me on facebook, visit my websitedrop me an email of ideas, stay in touch!

I want your business and I will earn it, respect it, and make you so Proud to call me yours! I am chasing the cheese that will be mine this year!

Happy New Year! Eye will see you soon.
-Cindi with an eye

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