Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another great photo book idea

This week on facebook I am posting 5 great ideas for your images once they've been taken by Cindi with an eye Photography.

IDEA #3 is to make a coffee table book!  Everyone loves reading a good book and they say a picture is worth 1,000 words, sooooo make a book of 14,000 words for only $1.99.

My friend Megan over at writes of the best deals and of course I am one of her biggest fans. Check out this deal at Kodak. I ordered a book today!  See how much I SAVED!  My total after shipping was a whopping $3.82. Jeepers!

Whatca' waiting for.... go now, create!

Oh and just in case you missed them... 

Idea #2
Dedicate a Space to Framed Photos
Weather it’s a table, shelf or wall- carve out a space just for displaying your favorite memories.

Idea #1 

Play a Slideshow When Entertaining
Next time you have people over, hook up a slide show to play on your TV to share your latest pics.

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