Saturday, May 26, 2012

Le Diner en Blanc


It's been a ritual in Paris over the past 20 years or so, thousands of people all dressed in their best white outfit arrive at the same time to have a posh picnic in a prestigious Parisian location.
You only get invited by friends and the location remains a secret until the last minute (you get told once you are on the coach on the way). This year we were a total of 12000 people: 6000 in the Cour CarrĂ©e du Louvre (where we were) and 6000 in front of Notre Dame.  To see more  images and information from Famille Summerbelle Blog

What a wonderful evening outdoors among wonderful Christian women! Last night I attended my first (but not my last!) Le Diner en Blanc which transulates to Dinner in White, and what a wonderful event it was. The dress code was all white, with a menu of white food to compliment the outdoor eating event on the back deck.

The food was amazing however the conversation and the company was even better. I challenge you to plan an event like this for your friends or to make new ones. May the photos be an inspiration to get started and open your home and hearts to some genuine conversation and memorable moments.

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